Monte San Savino - history, culture, gastronomy and nature.

Monte San Savino is an old medieval town in the ancient Etruscan land in the heart of the Chiana Valley where the river Esse flows . Its origin has been discovered by the archaeologist G.F. Gamurrini. A Jewish community, with its synagoge and cimitery, still to be seen, has been in Monte San Savino until 1799 when the christian movement “Viva Maria” drove it away in a “rude manner”.
Downtown nice medieval streets, important buildings and interesting churches to be visited to appreciate the particular look of Monte San Savino which is also well known for its gastronomy.

In any restaurant you may taste the local specialities, the “Fiorentina” steak obtained from the Chianina veal, an esteemed local veal race or the Porchetta, entire porc filled with local country perfumes and herbes, cooked in wood oven and served in deliceous slices, to say nothingof the ham, wild boar, rabbit and many other local food and “pastas” served with good wine and cooked in the extra-virgin local oil. In September the “Porchetta Festival” celebrated in the main square.
Monte San Savino, thanks to its favourable position in the heart of Tuscany, ( 20 km far from Arezzo and 40 from Siena, 70 from Florence and 180 from Rome) is easy to reach either by the highway A1 (Autostrada del sole) by train or by plane : Rome, Florence or Pisa.

In the surroundings and easy to visit in a day trip: Montalcino( famous wine Brunello), Montepulciano (Nobile wine), Pienza with its cheese, San Gimignano,Monteriggioni, Certaldo, Cortona, Assisi, Perugia, Spello, Cetona, the Trasimeno lake, the thermal baths of Rapolano with its marble caves, the castle of Gargonza, the Chianti Valley and much much more, not to forget the marvellous Tuscan countryside.

On Wednesdays local market in the historical central square and streets.
Every first week end of the month the famous Antiquity Fair in Arezzo
End of February : Days of Memory – Jewish Commemoration days
June 21st-22nd Historical Celebration Le Allegrezze, in Monte San Savino
June 27th to July 5th in Montagnano, ever night at 9 p.m. Popular theater show held by the group “Il Giogo”
July 5th – Classic music concerts in the Palazzo del Monte.
Second half of July in Alberoro, Water-melon Festival
July 12-20th in Monte San Savino Open Event: days dedicated to the art, culture, music and wine tasting.
July 22nd – August 9th in Monte San Savino – Music Festival
August 15th in Vertighe area the festival dedicated to the Madonna Assunta with fireworks
September 6-7th Monte San Savino days of  Jewish culture
Septembe 13-14th Porchetta Festival in the center of Monte San Savino
September 20-21st, 27-28th Montagnano Duck Festival
November 22-23rd Monte San Savino – Saint Catherine Fair (and of the Scaldino con il fischio, typical Tuscan pot in terra-cotta with whistle)
Monte San Savino is also the town where craftsmen and old furniture restorers can offer the best of their production in their shops where you can find some “special” old piece of furniture or pottery.