Garden and Pool

The two houses Il Granaio and La Cisterna are placed in a large garden with very old plants, olive trees, flowes and bushes. The oldest part of the garden has the characteristic aspect of the Italian garden.

A pool is open in the warm season, around which are deck-chairs and beach umbrellas where you can spend relaxing moments in the green and in complete privacy and enjoy the warm sun of Tuscany to get sun tan or read a nice book in complete silence. Bushes and trees all round the pool guarantee your privacy.
Each house has its private table and chairs for meals in the green and in the quiet. In the garden a private chapel still used for private religeous activities.

The farm Villa Bugiana produces its own wine and extra virgin olive oil sold directly to the public. In September and October guests are invited to partecipate to the harvest and to all stages of wine production if they wish so. In October/November our guests may also partecipate to the olive harvest and the production of oil if they wish to live with Italian friends this particular season activity.